Production Process

Every product is custom made and made to fit customers’ demands and comfort. Our manufacturing solutions are all-encompassing; we trim all seams and perfect all our components so that we can shape our pieces well before delivering the product to the home or office.

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Pre Production

The design process starts with your idea. Your technical and drawings help but we always have our team ready to assist you design your athleisure. You still need not think this is final, we are constantly adapting and we always prepare a mock before sending your final design into production. You can change the details at any time and approve via digital communication. It goes into bulk production only after our customers’ final approval.

Bulk Production

After the porotype is approved, bulk manufacturing begins. When we create a sample in the pre-production stage, we create another identical piece to keep it as a manufacturing reference. Large fabric pieces are then cut to customers’ approved patterns, which go into sewing after necessary grading. Throughout the final stage, unless customers specify any changes in advance, all items will be confirmed based on their samples to ensure that the final delivered product fully meets expectations.

Quality Check

We implement a four-stage process to ensure that your clothes are intact. Before purchasing raw materials, we will conduct a thorough inspection. Our mass production only starts after the samples have been approved in multiple stages. All pieces are hand sewn and checked along the production process. Once finished, each item is individually packaged and checked by an operative to identify and rectify any rare defects.


Once your order is completed and checked, it will enter the next stage, the delivery chain. Our global network of courier services ensures smooth and timely delivery from our factory to your destination. We understand the varying needs of our wide range of customers, and we adapt accordingly. We have all kinds of delivery packages